All-New Ultimates Vol 1 11

• There’s a new crime empress in town! ECSTASY’S her name and she’ll finish the job even GALACTUS couldn’t: kill the ULTIMATES.

• Who’s got the team’s back? Perhaps a private squad made up of renegade cops calling themselves TERROR INC.?

• It’s “eye for an eye” when the ULTIMATES reach bone crunching heights in their battle with TASKMASTER.

• Plus the return of CROSSBONES!

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 8


• SPIDER-MAN’S life is turned upside down!

• What is the truth behind MILES’ legacy?

• WHO was Miles’ FATHER?

Scarlet Spiders Vol 1 2


• As the Scarlet Spiders find themselves even deeper in Jennix’s twisted realm, what friends or foes will they find waiting for them?

• A classic Spider-Man ally makes an appearance, but not in the way you expect… and the Scarlet Spiders might not survive the experience!

Do your best Obito! Become a cool Hokage and let me see how you save the world! It’s a promise!

I don’t understand authors and artists! Why should we draw a new suit Jessica so bad if the comic is completely different and normal! But still I liked more!

Marvel Comics has provided with an exclusive preview of David Marquez’s art pages from Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #5.

The issue, written by Brian Michael Bendis, has Miles Morales on the run after a second Ultimate Spider-Man appears, and the Green Goblin returns.

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #5 goes on sale September 17.

• SPIDER-MAN, BLACK WIDOW, KITTY, CLOAK & DAGGER barely hold back the carnage of vengeful sewer leaders AGENT CROCK & VERMIN!

• The BENGAL joins the police squad just in time to regulate Scourge’s murderous aftermath!

• Will the hunt for CROSSBONES reveal a deeper, darker secret behind the city’s rampant crime wave?

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You don't talk about USM. It makes me sad.


Only because there is so much going on in the book and anything I say would be a spoiler. believe me behind the scenes ultimate spider–man cannot be in better hands

 oh yeah, it’s Friday, time to drop some killer art bombs.

 here is a sneak peek at the amazing Miles Morales: ultimate Spiderman number five by David Marquez and Justin Posner